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My absence...

Sorry about that...but you see, I've been busy.

I've watched all of Buffy except the last season, most of Angel, been doing about 40 hours a week worth of interviews in the sex survey I've been employed by, done some travelling, started back to the gym, and have been doing some small renovation stuff around the house. Weak, I know...but I just got busy.

Oh, and I have a short story that is appearing in a book called "Let the Evolution Begin." The book launch is in Las Vegas in late September, and I'm going to be there for a couple of days. Anyone who wants details and wants to attend the big party is welcome. The magazine I work for intrepid media is also going to have it's 4th Anniversary that weekend, also in Vegas. Anyone is welcome, and the more the merrier.

Stop by and say "Hi!"

I'll try to actually read a few journals and catch up over the next few days. If anyone has anything earth shattering that has happened this year, you can put it here. Helps me catch up, and know what's going on.

Missed you guys. I'll try to be good, and I've got a chapter from the Dead Baby Monkey Chronicles that's almost ready to post. Stay tuned.
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