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Eat My Buffy, You Bitches

Spoiler Alert: Midway Season Five

First of all...everything from my last post is fine. Stop worrying. I had a momentary flash of "Grrrrrrrrrrr," and now I'm over it. Yay for the couple who talks about everything. On to fun stuff...

I'm now a Buffy addict for real. I've watched all the way from the beginning to midway Season Five on DVD in just under three months. Shoot me...shoot me now. Much with the talking like Willow-age.

I'm now immersed in Season Five. Okay...can I just say? Dracula? Very cleverly done, up to and including the cop-out ending so as not to destroy the legend for Buffynauts.

Xander was brilliant as Wrenfield. "Spider-eating man-bitch" and "I'm nobody's butt-monkey" are now commonly used phrases in our house. Well, actually...the butt-monkey one was already in use around here, but now it means something different.

Oh, and I want a T-shirt that is the screenshot of disheveled Giles, Buffy post-slayage, and Riley...all standing in the Count's main hall, with the caption beneath it that is Buffy's line: "Check. No more butt-monkey."

Special Feature They Don't Tell You About On The Box: Go back and play that scene with various subtitles turned 'on.' I now know how to say "butt-monkey" in seven languages. Best. Thing. Ever.

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