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Things On My Desk Right Now:

-pencil holder, containing pens, markers, a pair of scissors, a conductor's baton, and no pencils
-two computer speakers, one of which only works intermittently
-a cordless phone
-my mobile phone (which rang as I typed that, and scared the shit outta me)
-two drink coasters shaped like fish (one blue, one green)
-a whiteboard marker
-a scrap of paper with three email addresses on it
-a broken pair of sunglasses
-4 reference books (an American dictionary, an Australian dictionary, a book of quotes, and The Devil's Dictionary)
-8 fiction books (one apocolyptic, one horror, two fantasy, 3 cross-genre, and a copy of The Orchid Thief, which I can't seem to classify)
-a drinking/dice game called "Talking Australia"
-3 packs of unused Christmas cards
-a "Good Weekend" magazine from over a month ago
-some expired blood pressure medicine samples
-a wooden box full of phone numbers and business cards
-an adjustable table lamp
-my keyboard and monitor
-a stack of magnets
-a lighter
-the key to the window locks in my office
-a useless black mousepad (useless because the mouse is an optical trackball, no pad needed)
-an optical trackball peripheral interactive device
-a rolodex that is full of outdated info and hasn't been touched in months, but I can't bring myself to discard
-a framed copy of the first paycheck I ever recieved as a magazine columnist
-two condoms (one extra-large, yay for that)
-one sample pack of Eros lube
-a photograph of me with a goatee, holding my first nephew upside down
-a photograph of my ex and I on a diveboat in Key West
-two postcard sized paintings of Turkey
-a black-n-white photo of Norris when he was 11
-two Mardi Gras tickets from 2000
-a fist-sized beanbag with a smiley-face on one side, and a frowny-face on the other
-4 backup CD's, all full
-the warranty for my clothes dryer
-about a meter and a half of creeper vine, which has invaded my desk from the huge plant on my filing cabinet
-an American flag (about 6" square)
-a navigational map of Sydney Harbour
-two wedding invitations
-3 CD's [Red, Hot, and Blue,...1998 Sydney Mardi Gras 20th Anniversary Compilation,...and The Original Soundtrack to Star Wars/Empire Strikes Back (which is also the oldest CD I own, as it came with my first CD player)]
-a tiny padlock, with key
-a "Don't Mess With Texas" postcard from kablammy
-a sock monkey
-a plastic army guy
-a bendy Gumby
-a bendy Pokey
-a plastic dinosaur (Apatosaurus, according to the name on it's tail)
-an empty orange juice glass
-a scanner

PS: There is a bookshelf on my desk which holds a lot of this stuff, so it's not all piled up. Oh, and the sock monkey, the army guy, the Gumby, the Pokey, and the dinosaur are having a sex party, it would seem.

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