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The Bride Was Not Amused

Norris: (at a wedding we attended Saturday) "Look at the program. The reverend's name is Boak Jobbins."

Me: "Didn't he live in the Shire, right behind the Baggins' place?"

Australian women love weddings...it's the only time they get to put on eye-shattering primary colours and big hats at the same time. I haven't seen so much green taffeta and floral print velvet since my last experiment with LSD.

Oh, and what's the deal with Hawaiian shirts and Aussie weddings? There has been at least one person wearing one at every wedding I've attended here. (And the person wearing the natty blue-and-white floral Hawaiian shirt at this wedding was also named Jack.) But I'm not complaining...at least this wedding was indoors, and the photographer didn't have to climb up into a tree to get a shot of the wedding party that didn't include kickboxers and model airplanes.

Yeah. That's another story, though.
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