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The Dog Ate My Journal Entry

I am hopelessly behind on everything, including my "friends" list. So if you've done something worthy of comment...I haven't gotten there yet. But I will. I'm obsessive enough to go through all 1000 posts (as far as LJ will let me go back) and read whatever you wrote. I'm insane like that.

Reasons for my "behind-ness?" Well, Norris and I have taken in a new flatmate, and he'll likely be here for about 6 months. He's temporarily in Sydney for work, and he's an old friend of Norris (and a new friend of mine.) Also, the aforementioned interview work that I'm doing for the university has now turned into about 30 hours a week of extra work, which isn't bad...just time consuming. I'm loving it, though. Gay men in Sydney have some very interesting stories to share it seems, about the sex they are having.

Okay...to get me back in the swing of things (and to see if anyone is still reading my journal, since I've been so remiss in updating it), I'm going to jump on a trend I've seen going around in the past. Here goes:

Until I make the next entry, I'll answer any question you ask me. Pull out all the stops, ask me anything...I'll answer it honestly. My only caveat being that I won't say anything that reveals personal/contact details about another person, or divulge any confidence that I've made with someone else. Anything about me (as long as it isn't hurtful or dangerous to another person) is fair game. Fire away.

Just don't ask anything that you really don't want to know the answer to. You've been warned...

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