My absence...

Sorry about that...but you see, I've been busy.

I've watched all of Buffy except the last season, most of Angel, been doing about 40 hours a week worth of interviews in the sex survey I've been employed by, done some travelling, started back to the gym, and have been doing some small renovation stuff around the house. Weak, I know...but I just got busy.

Oh, and I have a short story that is appearing in a book called "Let the Evolution Begin." The book launch is in Las Vegas in late September, and I'm going to be there for a couple of days. Anyone who wants details and wants to attend the big party is welcome. The magazine I work for intrepid media is also going to have it's 4th Anniversary that weekend, also in Vegas. Anyone is welcome, and the more the merrier.

Stop by and say "Hi!"

I'll try to actually read a few journals and catch up over the next few days. If anyone has anything earth shattering that has happened this year, you can put it here. Helps me catch up, and know what's going on.

Missed you guys. I'll try to be good, and I've got a chapter from the Dead Baby Monkey Chronicles that's almost ready to post. Stay tuned.
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Heeeee's Baaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaack.......!!

Okay...alla you'se guys who kept me on your "Friend's List,"...

Brace yourself. I'm back.

Those of you who dropped me... Who cares? I wouldn't want some low-life Aussie-Yank who never made an entry to clutter up my lists, either. You did what you had to do. (But don't be holding out for any of my famous banana bread with coconut at the next tea-party, okay? 'Cause you ain't gettin' none.)

Gimme a day or two, and I'll be more explanatory-like. Meanwhile, I've got three months of journals to read. (Yeah, right.) I'll probably seem like the slow cousin at the family reunion for a while. Bear with me. I'll have lots of stupid questions and at least one episode from The Dead Baby Monkey Chronicles. the way. Intrepid Media (the magazine I work for) got chosen to be in the top 100 online writer's websites. We rock.

No, really. We do.
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Eat My Buffy, You Bitches

Spoiler Alert: Midway Season Five

First of all...everything from my last post is fine. Stop worrying. I had a momentary flash of "Grrrrrrrrrrr," and now I'm over it. Yay for the couple who talks about everything. On to fun stuff...

I'm now a Buffy addict for real. I've watched all the way from the beginning to midway Season Five on DVD in just under three months. Shoot me...shoot me now. Much with the talking like Willow-age.

I'm now immersed in Season Five. Okay...can I just say? Dracula? Very cleverly done, up to and including the cop-out ending so as not to destroy the legend for Buffynauts.

Xander was brilliant as Wrenfield. "Spider-eating man-bitch" and "I'm nobody's butt-monkey" are now commonly used phrases in our house. Well, actually...the butt-monkey one was already in use around here, but now it means something different.

Oh, and I want a T-shirt that is the screenshot of disheveled Giles, Buffy post-slayage, and Riley...all standing in the Count's main hall, with the caption beneath it that is Buffy's line: "Check. No more butt-monkey."

Special Feature They Don't Tell You About On The Box: Go back and play that scene with various subtitles turned 'on.' I now know how to say "butt-monkey" in seven languages. Best. Thing. Ever.

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Things On My Desk Right Now:

-pencil holder, containing pens, markers, a pair of scissors, a conductor's baton, and no pencils
-two computer speakers, one of which only works intermittently
-a cordless phone
-my mobile phone (which rang as I typed that, and scared the shit outta me)
-two drink coasters shaped like fish (one blue, one green)
-a whiteboard marker
-a scrap of paper with three email addresses on it
-a broken pair of sunglasses
-4 reference books (an American dictionary, an Australian dictionary, a book of quotes, and The Devil's Dictionary)
-8 fiction books (one apocolyptic, one horror, two fantasy, 3 cross-genre, and a copy of The Orchid Thief, which I can't seem to classify)
-a drinking/dice game called "Talking Australia"
-3 packs of unused Christmas cards
-a "Good Weekend" magazine from over a month ago
-some expired blood pressure medicine samples
-a wooden box full of phone numbers and business cards
-an adjustable table lamp
-my keyboard and monitor
-a stack of magnets
-a lighter
-the key to the window locks in my office
-a useless black mousepad (useless because the mouse is an optical trackball, no pad needed)
-an optical trackball peripheral interactive device
-a rolodex that is full of outdated info and hasn't been touched in months, but I can't bring myself to discard
-a framed copy of the first paycheck I ever recieved as a magazine columnist
-two condoms (one extra-large, yay for that)
-one sample pack of Eros lube
-a photograph of me with a goatee, holding my first nephew upside down
-a photograph of my ex and I on a diveboat in Key West
-two postcard sized paintings of Turkey
-a black-n-white photo of Norris when he was 11
-two Mardi Gras tickets from 2000
-a fist-sized beanbag with a smiley-face on one side, and a frowny-face on the other
-4 backup CD's, all full
-the warranty for my clothes dryer
-about a meter and a half of creeper vine, which has invaded my desk from the huge plant on my filing cabinet
-an American flag (about 6" square)
-a navigational map of Sydney Harbour
-two wedding invitations
-3 CD's [Red, Hot, and Blue,...1998 Sydney Mardi Gras 20th Anniversary Compilation,...and The Original Soundtrack to Star Wars/Empire Strikes Back (which is also the oldest CD I own, as it came with my first CD player)]
-a tiny padlock, with key
-a "Don't Mess With Texas" postcard from kablammy
-a sock monkey
-a plastic army guy
-a bendy Gumby
-a bendy Pokey
-a plastic dinosaur (Apatosaurus, according to the name on it's tail)
-an empty orange juice glass
-a scanner

PS: There is a bookshelf on my desk which holds a lot of this stuff, so it's not all piled up. Oh, and the sock monkey, the army guy, the Gumby, the Pokey, and the dinosaur are having a sex party, it would seem.

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A very Monday morning...


(Yes. That was my weekend update.)

This bore repeating, so I'll do it here:

"The good food was gone, the prizes for the trivia game were being awarded, and the music might very well have been what was playing in Andrea Yates' head when she drowned her five children in the bath." <----wanton_bliss

This made me smile. A lot.

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Quote of the Day

drood receives his first Chrissy Prezzie of the season...

"My first thought was that if Mrs. Claus and that frightening Burl Ives snowman from the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer special had passionate monkey sex and it resulted in a bastard love-child, and that bastard love-child ate a lot of candy canes and holly and vomited, what was sitting before me on the table would look exactly like that puddle of sick."

I want to be this eloquent when I grow up...
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My paid account is going to end in a couple of days, and I can't it worth paying for a new account? Especially when it costs me twice as much as it does anyone else, because of the exchange rate. I was really debating spending the money...and then this "livejournal is all fucked up again. Thanks for your patience!" stuff started happening. So...I'm stumped. It's been a year since I was an unpaid the speed difference worth it?

Ah...decisions, decisions...
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